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The Public Being Mugged Off ! Retail Therapy. There you are walking down the road a bit of cash in your Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
wallet or purse maybe along with a few credit cards but are you going to buy something essential with your money or just going for retail therapy. Retail therapy is the "in phrase" used by tv characters to brainwash viewers into spending money they haven't got!
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Liberating People - Tony Lit, former male model, the boss of Asian radio station Sunrise, recently queued Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
up to be photographed with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair at a Labour fund raising event. Lit joined the Conservative party only a week before he was chosen as a candidate. So Lit is standing as a Tory candidate when he is also a Labour donor.
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Domesticating People - The government does not act alone they have accomplices : doctors , MP's , Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
police ,senior civil servants and judges etc all putting people under pressure , for this they receive high financial reward . Not for them is living in crowded council estates, or hospital waiting lists , not for them is low wages. For these people are the farm workers
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Farming People - People say that the New Labour government do not like farmers or farming and that's Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
why they over reacted during the foot and mouth crisis resulting in the needless mass killing of cattle and sheep , they banned hunting , they allowed building on green belts and why they are behind with payments to farmers all to force farmers into bankruptcy
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How things work in real life ! - From The Website Of John "Birdman" Bryant. Start with a cage containing five Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
monkeys ( Or a school classroom ) Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with cold water.
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Obituary To Common Sense - Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, whom has Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
been with us for many years. He is survived by three stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, Someone Else is to Blame, and I'm A Victim. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.
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Page 1 - Bits & Pieces by Sean Bryson & Others - Small items that do not justify a page of their own Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
Simon Heffer on Political Corectness - The words "Racist" and "Racism" Just what do these words mean ? "A RACIST is anyone who is winning an argument with a Labour Supporter !"
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MINORITY RULE The Dictatorship of The Minorities in Britain - The best ideas are often very simple, so is Anti Political Correctness NewsRoomRead
the truth when you find it, the realization that minority rule had replaced majority rule in this country was such a moment for me. We are living in a dictatorship run not by an individual but by a collection of minority groups that have by stealth hijacked our political system
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