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This is where it all started for me.

Prior to the writing of my protest letter at the 1991 Gulf War, I was not a very political animal at all. I was just the usual "Lemming" bystander

It was the terrible consequences that I experienced just for writing a protest letter
in my own home town, in my own country,
that forced me to look at things afresh.
Read my protest letter below.
Then consider the price that I have paid.
Here in Notting Hill it's MINORITY RULE !!
Nick Griffin - Back To The Future
A look at the Chapters on this site would be a good place to start.

Free Speech ? - Use it or lose it !

Sean Bryson

Free Speech

Dear Sir,
This is a letter that I feel that I have to write.
How many people of this present generation, the generation being sent to war, know the truth about the Palestinian question ?

The question started in 1948 not 67 or 72.

How many of them know that Menachem Begin, the ex Premier of Israel, was, in his absence tried, and condemned to death by British Courts, for the terrorist murder of numerous British soldiers, by bomb and bullet ? And, that his organization was funded by the USA ?

Was he, and the other known terrorists tried for war crimes after the creation of Israel ?
What right do the Jewish people have, to settle on Arab soil, after an absence of 2,000 years, push out the native population, the Palestinians, and call it Israel ?

Would you allow the Italians to lay claim to our country, because it used to be part of the Roman Empire ? That is the time period that we are talking about. The Palestinians know the answers to all of these questions, and many more.

The younger generation, who are being sent to war, do not know what questions to ask, but are being sent by an older generation, who do. It makes me sick.

In the Arab world, the USA is often called the great Satan, the younger generation know that, but they don't know how the USA got that name.
We have all heard of the powerfull "Jewish Lobby" in the USA.
I find it significant, that Britain, and the USA alone refused to discuss the 'whole region' in order to avert war.

The Arabs are not stupid people, and will never accept Western pressure regarding Israel.
If we do not start to discuss the correct topics, then the Saddams of this world will revisit, and revisit, and revisit, with God knows what sort of consequences.

Yours sincerely
Sean Bryson - January 1991

Free Speech

And of course on September 11th 2001, another Saddam did revisit

My Protest letter was sent to all of the people below, I have linked to the replies that I received.

Private Eye Ken Livinstone Paddy Ashdown Evening Standard
Peace News THE TIMES The Independent Council of Mosques
Anglo Arab Relations Tony Benn Channel 4 Prince Charles
Panorama Greenpeace Edward Heath Green Party
Dr David Owen The Telegraph The Observer The Guardian
Thames Television ITN Union of Teachers Union of Students
Brian Walden / John Wakefield TV am Neil Kinnock / Labour HQ
War Resistors International Socialist Workers Party
Archbishop of Canterbury National Union of Journalists

And we continue to wage two wars that very few if us wanted. And we continue to kill and risk being killed. And we continue to spend VAST amounts of money, for who and what ?? And we continue to lose our way of life and hard earned Civil Liberties, for what ?? And we have become complicit in 'Rendition & Torture', a great affront to all that we have held dear and fought against for generations, WHY ?
And we continue to be on 24 hour security alert in case someone brings these wars home to us.
And sometimes they do !!

Why the hell should the British People be living like this !!

Why I support the Palestinian cause.
The so called state of Israel, is made up of land grabbing squatters of various races of various nations from all around the Globe. Being Jewish is just another religion, it's not an ethnic group, or a Nation.
Anyone can join, and over the past two thousand years just about anyone has.
Present day Israel ( Palestine ) is occupied, and controlled finacially, politically and militarily, by people from Sweden, Britain, America, Africa, The Arab World, Australia, Russia, France, Spain, and many more.
How these people can justify their claim of some sort of 'Historical Connection' to Palestine from 2000 years ago is beyond me.
The Native population of this land ( The Palestinians ) now live in a small box called 'The Gaza Strip'
How would you feel ?
And what would you do ?
Before anyone thinks of screaming Anti Semite ! Remember that the Palestinians are also Semites !

I reccomend this Jewish website and also this page on this site Anti Zionist Jews
While you are about it, this Islamic website is also worth a serious look, along with this Palestinian information resource

90% of the trouble between the West and the Muslim/Islamic world, has it's roots in the West's ( The UK & USA ) attitude to the Palestinian Question. As we all know to our very great danger, it has grown ever bigger, and continues to do so.
Why are the British people so afraid of speaking openly about this ?
Watch out !! "Kosher Nostra" about !! ... Auschwitz Auschwitz Gas Chamber FRAUD It's Official !! - It was built in 1948 !!

You may remember that initialy we had "Desert Shield" to stop Saddam going any further then we had "Desert Storm" to get him out of Kuwait. Inbetween times there was a window of opportunity where everyone involved, the Arab arm of the coalition, the Western arm of the coalition, and those standing by ( Including the French !! ) agreed to discuss the whole region in order to avert war.
At the time even Iraq AND Kuwait were saying YES.
Discussing the whole region automaticaly includes the "Palestinian Question".
Everyone involved thought that it was a good idea except the USA and the UK, who said NO!
And we went to war instead.

I do not believe that the past Western attitudes towards the Middle East and the Palestinian question have been Anti Islamic. On the other hand, they most certainly have been Pro Israel. That's not the same thing. In the Muslim world I can understand this feeling of the West being Anti Islam. Now the situation has degenerated, and includes other issues too.

And of course you can bet your bottom dollar, that prior to Isreal's December 2008 campaign in Gaza, it got the "Green Light" from both the outgoing US president George W Bush, and the incoming president Barack H Obama. Have a look at this page about Barack Obama, and check out the links concerning his choices of senior White House staff, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. It's Mind Blowing stuff !!

Barack Obama suddenly came from nowhere didn't he ? Guess who backed him ? Most of Obama's funds came from big business, not the small donations from the many that we hear about, though there were a great number of these.
Barack Obama is a front man for a MARXIST Worldwide agenda. Global financial domination, slavery, and bondage, is the aim of their game.

This is why for generations now Western schools have focused on teaching falsehoods about the Holocaust, Slavery, & White Guilt.
Here in the UK, in recent months I have heard an ever increasing amount of ridicule aimed at the over 50's White Male on the radio. Well, I suspect that this is because people of that generation and above were taught a different version of history in school. People like that will make the instant connection between Barack Obama's choice of White house staff David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, and the Jewish Communist Red Army Commander Leon Trotsky, and the terrorist Irgun / Stern Gang in Palestine before the creation of Israel in 1948

To complete this Worlwide fraud, the younger generation must be encouraged to dismiss the knowledge of the older generation. Then the youger generation can be re- BRAIN-WASHED, used and screwed, all over again !!

Whoops !!
Did I say can be ?
Silly me, it's already being done !!
Multi-Cultururalism - To get rid of us White People !
- This IS the long term agenda of Nu-Labour

If you are finding this all a bit depressing, have a look at this, it's a good laugh ... WHITE MEN !

Start joining the dots, before it's too late !!

Free Speech

2003 Iraq War Was to Protect Israel - Philip Zelikow - Bush Adviser !
Gulf War 2003 - George W Bush & Tony Blair are War Criminals, there is no other name for them.
They are going to be brought to book. We were all lied to BIG TIME ! To get us into war.

Alex Jones Interviews Michael Shrimpton QC ( British Intelligence Expert ) ...
... Monday 23rd February 2004 The Murder of Dr. David Kelly
The Murder Of Dr. David Kelly. Parts One and Two. Medium Rare By Jim Rarey 10-14-3
And from the Guardian February 12, 2004 Medical evidence does not support suicide by Dr David Kelly

A Home Guard or Home Front in Britain ?

The War in Afghanistan is often presented to us as being essential to combat the drugs trade in our own countries. Well, I think that it would be morally justified, and far cheaper in terms of cash and lives lost, if we just sent the SAS into a few well known areas of Britain with a 007 licence to kill, and take out OUR drug dealers for good and all. If we can slaughter people wholesale in Afghanistan, why can't we kill a few of the known 'Guilty' here in the UK ?

Drug Barons here in the UK, by the very nature of what they do, are complicit in assisting the Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere.
This is done by promoting and selling the Taliban's products, and creating the distribution networks for these products, thus providing the Taliban with the revenue needed to kill our troops in Afghanistan.
British based Drug Barons, are therefore perfectly legitimate 'Military Targets' for our security forces here in the UK
Shoot them down in the streets !! - WHO CARES ?? - Nobody !!

So, our MARXIST masters - Labour / Conservative / Lib Dem - spongers, parasites, weirdoes, and paedophiles, are "Suckering" us from different directions, and don't forget the MPs Expanse's fiddles. YOU pay for our armies and YOU risk retaliation from the people we are at war with. ( Even though YOU did not agree to go to war ) The same MARXIST political establishment, then blames YOU for forcing people to become drug dealers etc, because of YOUR disgusting racism ( Whatever that is ?? ) In addition, you can't openly name the guilty or discuss the suspects or social groups involved in case you get prosecuted for some sort of hate crime or hate speech !!
However, if you are a native British White, anyone can decry YOU ! Because of YOUR all encompassing, unquestionable, GUILT !!
Joseph Stalin would be proud of British politicians today.

Here in the UK we also have other domestic issues of growing concern which include ...
Immigration / UK Work Permits / Street Violence Against White People / Ethnic Quota's & Positive Disrimination
Plus the MARXIST dominated media cover up of all the other crimes and injustices carried out against the Native British

Are you starting to see the bigger picture ??? This is just a part of the picture.
A "Global Picture" that was sketched out and started by the MARXISTS long before most of us were even born.

Join the BNP,

If not wish to join the BNP, at least in the next election lend the BNP your vote, to let the crooks know that you are on their case !!
Lets get everything out in the open, and open to public debate. And if not, WHY not ?????

New Labour - New Britain - New Reich ... New Labour Tony Ward ... New Labour Sean Bryson ... New Labour BNP ... New Labour Vote Rigging 2002

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